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Terrazzo Treads and Risers

Precast Epoxy Terrazzo Treads • Risers

All Terrazzo stair treads as well as tread/riser combinations are manufactured on our state of the art CNC machines. This allows us to hold high tolerances for easy installation. Treads can include metal or abrasive traction strips as well as a photoluminesent strip for visual caution in emergency situations. In cases in which a self supporting tread is necessary, our team can incorporate an internal metal structure into our casting. Larger stair cases may require landings that can be installed using our TERRALITE® Panels or in one solid piece. For more information regarding cut sheets and internal steel supports please contact our team.


Why Choose Us

Variety of Patterns

We offer a variety of patterns in Terrazzo stair treads & risers. Create designs that compliment your interiors.


We provide you with the flexibility to customize the shape and thickness of the tread & riser at your convenience.


Terrazzo treads are non-slippery to ensure your safety. The seamless edges and effortless reinforcement of these tiles further improves the safety.

Pleasing aesthetics

High on quality as well as aesthetics, these treads help elevate interiors effortlessly. Choose from a wide range of options.

Design Elegant Stairways that Last a Lifetime

From architectural visions to modern minimalist designs, create exquisite stairways with terrazzo stair treads. These treads and risers are created with both design and function in mind.

You won’t have to compromise on quality, safety or aesthetics.

Terrazzo treads are extremely robust and durable. Considering the fact that stairs sustain a lot of foot movement, these tiles incorporate high load bearing capacity and abrasion resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We’ve got a dedicated team who will help you with the installation of Terrazzo risers & treads. Please get in touch with us today.

Certainly. Terrazzo has unique designs, available in various color options. The tiles can be tailored to fit the shape & size of your existing stair structure. All you need is professionals who can get the job done perfectly. Please give us a call today at (856) 753-3200.

You can get them re- finished . The stair treads can be polished and resealed if broken. You can patch the broken chips or cracks with a matching tile and aggregate.

No, we don’t recommend using Terrazzo stair treads for outdoor space. It is the best choice for indoor areas where there’s high-foot traffic like airports, schools, universities, etc.

Stair surfaces tend to sustain a lot of foot movement. Therefore, we recommend panels over tiles because it minimizes grout joints & provides you with a seamless appearance.

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