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Terrajoint is not considered a grout because it too is comprised of the same two component 100 percent epoxy-based material, and when used properly creates a seamless floor bonded together of all the same material. The joint comes in a one-gallon unit similar to the Terramortar with the separate catalyst located inside. The A side comes pre-blended to the correct color match, leaving no option for error. The Terrajoint can be matched to the color of the Terralite® field panel or there can be a custom contrasting color formulated. A client could also choose to match a conventional zinc or brass strip. The Terrajoint once set up to the proper allocated time is then cut flush leaving a completely flat joint between panels solidifying your seamless Terrazzo floor. For more information regarding proper installation as well as technical specifications on Terrajoint please refer to the Terrajoint Spec.


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