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Venetian Terrazzo ($$$)

​Venetian Epoxy Terrazzo is similar to Standard Epoxy Terrazzo with the exception of the aggregate size. Venetian Epoxy Terrazzo utilizes aggregates that can range from a size #3-5 or larger. Due to the larger sized aggregates being used this system is typically poured at depths of 5/8” or greater. With the incorporation of specially sized aggregates and increased depth, this system will carry a higher cost compared to Standard Epoxy Terrazzo.

Palladiana Terrazzo ($$$$$)

​Palladiana Terrazzo utilizes broken or cut pieces of stone adhered to the substrate. Then a Standard Epoxy Terrazzo mixture is used to infill the spaces in between the large marble pieces. Depending on the depth of the stone pieces being used, this system will typically be poured at 5/8” or greater. Due to the complexity and added labor required to install this system it carries a much higher cost compared to Standard Epoxy Terrazzo.

Exotic Terrazzo ($$)

​Exotic Epoxy Terrazzo is a similar system compared to Standard Epoxy Terrazzo, however it incorporates exotic aggregates. These exotic aggregates can include, but are not limited to Glass, Shell, Synthetic, and Mirror Aggregate. Due to the higher costs associated with these exotic aggregates, this system will be more expensive than Standard Epoxy Terrazzo. Exotic Epoxy Terrazzo is typically used in accent colors, or when you want to include a little “pop” to your mix design. Some of the recycled exotic aggregates can also contribute towards LEED Credits on the project.

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