Terralite® Precast Terrazzo Tile

Precast Terrazzo Tile
Precast Terrazzo Tile

Precast Terrazzo Tile

Angelozzi Terrazzo, a leading manufacturer of terrazzo products, offers a wide range of precast terrazzo tiles that are perfect for both residential and commercial applications. These tiles are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to suit any design style.

What are Precast Terrazzo Tiles?

Precast terrazzo tiles are made by mixing chips of marble, granite, glass, and other materials with a binding agent, such as epoxy or cement. The mixture is then poured into molds and cured under pressure.

We offer both epoxy and cement based Terrazzo Tile. Both products are produced with high tolerances of square and thickness and can be used in various applications. The composition of the product, whether it be cement or epoxy based, is solely dependent on the needs of the customer and the job site requirements.

Epoxy based Terrazzo Tiles : with a standard thickness of 3/8” works best in areas where strength, thickness and deep color are required. Our epoxy Terrazzo Tiles follow the same guidelines for strength as poured in place terrazzo when installed correctly. Epoxy Terrazzo Tile can be manufactured in as thin as ¼” if the aggregate chosen is suitable.

Cement Based Terrazzo Tiles: work best in areas where price maybe a concern. Producing cement based terrazzo is slightly cheaper than epoxy and you can achieve very similar results visually. You will still have strength throughout the tile however the thickness of the tile is limited to ½” or thicker with a lower psi.

Both products can be produced in many shapes and sizes from 12"x12" to large slab format. However our standard sizes range from a 12"x12", 24"x24", 30"x30", 24"x48". Custom sizes and shapes are available upon request.

Terralite Premium Epoxy Terrazzo Tile
Terralite Premium Epoxy Terrazzo Tile

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