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TERRALITE® Terrazzo Panel System

Terralite® Terrazzo Panel System

The Terralite® Terrazzo Panel system is the only Precast System in the industry that allows you to have a true terrazzo floor from its sustainability to durability; it is the only viable option when comparing precast products to conventional poured terrazzo methods. With many alternatives on the market to purchase a precast terrazzo tile, none can provide a finished outcome that can not only match but surpass the capabilities of conventional terrazzo until now. Terralite® is a 3/8” thick Precast Epoxy Terrazzo Panel that comes standard in sizes 24’’x24’’, 30”x 30”, or 24”X48”. The panel itself holds tolerances for thickness as well as square. The panel is set in Terramortar a 100% epoxy-based setting material using a self-leveling Terraclip, then later bonded as one with the Terrajoint. The entire system creates a seamless Terrazzo floor with no intensive labor costs, no grinding, no water and no heavy equipment.

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Weeks of work now can be accomplished in days. New construction, phase, and renovation work are all perfect candidates for the Terralite® system. Terralite® is the first Terrazzo System to go places Terrazzo tile could never be a plausible option. All Terralite® components are manufactured by Angelozzi Precast Terrazzo Products. Decades old trade, with a new age application.

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