Terralite system components


Terramortar is a two-component 100 percent epoxy-based setting material. The unit comes in a 3-1/2-gallon pre-blended unit with a separate catalyst located inside. The Terramortar has no polyester or cementitious additives which make the mechanical bond between the panel of the same material and the substrate seamlessly one. The mortar was developed to adhere to all types of substrates wood, porcelain, and concrete as long as it is properly prepared. The ½ notches also allow for an extra precaution when addressing moisture distribution. For more information regarding proper floor preparation and mortar specification please refer to the Terramortar spec.



Terrajoint is not considered a grout because it too is comprised of the same two component 100 percent epoxy-based material and when used properly creates a seamless floor bonded all of the same material. The joint comes in a one-gallon unit similar to the Terramortar with the separate catalyst located inside. The A side comes pre-blended to the correct color match, leaving no option for error. The Terrajoint can be matched to the color of the Terralite® field panel or there can be a custom contrasting color formulated. A client could also choose to match a conventional zinc or brass strip. The Terrajoint once set up to the proper allocated time is then cut flush leaving a completely flat joint between panels solidifying your seamless Terrazzo floor. For more information regarding proper installation as well as technical specifications on Terrajoint please refer to the Terrajoint specifications.

Terralite® Protection

Terralite® comes standard from the manufacture with a protective film over the entire panel serving many purposes to properly complete the installation process. The film allows the installer to not only write on the panel during installation, but it protects the panel during the duration of the job serving its main purpose during the Terrajoint installation.


Terraclip is the muscle behind the system. It was the first self-leveling clip patented in the United States and since its development has now been solely manufactured for the Terralite® Terrazzo System. The clip is the strongest on the market eliminating many conventional substrate preparations due to its ability to manipulate variances between adjacent panels without breaking the parallel plane of the surface. The clip is designed as a two- part,top and bottom unit. The bottom clip stays in with the system when Terramortar is cured and the Top clip is removed and set aside to be reused. When properly used the Terraclip leaves a complete lippage free floor. In fact when conventional poured in place Terrazzo is ground you can almost see a ripple effect in the finish product, however because of the panel tolerances and the ability of the clip when your completed you will have achieved an overall flat planned floor eliminating that (ripple effect).

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